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You keep fit physically and make the assumption that this will also cover mental health. If this were true then professional athletes would not experience mental health problems. Whilst physical fitness helps, don’t expect to buy the latest running shoes or lycra shorts and never have anxiety or depression. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself, here are just one of many links you can find online. But, why the Pyramids? Keep reading…..

How we don’t think about it

So you have your gym and pool membership, and maybe a particular sports club membership thrown in. You eat well and maybe you even eat healthily. And now you even have a bike for a bit of exercise. You have all the latest gym wear and you can boast about how many calories you just burnt off! Even your smartwatch is congratulating you!

Nice investment in your physical well-being! I am not knocking that.

I want to contrast this expenditure with what you spent on your mental health last year? Sure holidays and retreats count as changing environments and possibly benefiting mental health. Depends on how stressful that break was, or was not.

Yup! You spent a pile of money on trying to feel good. Now think about this.

Your brain is located inside a protective skull for a reason! It is the control center. The nervous system that connects to it permeates the whole of your body. Sensations in the body link to constructs in the mind and distill emotions. Emotions move you to action. Your brain picks up messages from all your sensory organs, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, skin, and many many other sensors. The human brain is probably the most complex structure in the universe. It is home to your thoughts and feelings.

Last year how much did you spend on that?

Ancient Egypt

Some people have said to me, ‘but I don’t get mental health’. Well here is how I explain it.

In ancient Egypt when important people died they were prepared for the afterlife by the local embalmer (Mortician). If they had favorite running shoes then no doubt they would be nicely packed into the casket for the Afterlife too. In ancient Egypt, they went further. They took the important organs, such as the heart, and preserved them for the Afterlife.

Lastly, the brain was removed through the nose cavity of the dead person and discarded. It was not considered important. No brain in the Afterlife for them then! Oh, dear.

So as you can see the person who fails to understand mental health is possibly a relation to someone way back in ancient Egypt. Yes, I am being harsh, just to emphasize a point. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Before the Afterlife

Coming to therapy on a regular basis can be a positive experience. Understanding and working with your feelings and thoughts. Casting an eye over long-held beliefs. Becoming curious about past and present relationships. Exploring your needs. And maybe even looking for you in you!

Don’t leave it until the last minute, the earlier your come the faster I can help.

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