Problems with Anxiety

Anxiety Problems

One of the most common problems is high levels of anxiety. I can help you.

People often speak about anxiety as if it’s the same for everybody, it’s not. Anxiety can take on many forms, I have worked with most of them. High levels of anxiety can have many causes and are often coupled with other problems.

Some causes of high levels of Anxiety

Early childhood attachments, challenging life situations, traumatic experiences, separation, loss and grief, abuse, abusive relationships, infidelity, and violence. I am quite sure I will have missed some of the causes because there are so many variations.

Helping you regulate Emotion

Many people are overwhelmed with this issue, I can work with you to help you regulate your levels of distress. I will do this using professional psychological methods. Many people have found this helpful. Helping you to regulate emotion can be very helpful where anxiety is concerned. We all have anxiety, it’s just for some people life events change the levels and this becomes intolerable.

Most people who come to my practice would just like me to chop the anxiety out, make it go away. That’s what many want and understandably so. However, what if I could help you regulate the anxiety level so that anxiety serves the purpose it was designed for? To protect you! The reality is anxiety part of a biological survival system, imagine you had no anxiety whatsoever about anything. Sounds great…. you would most probably die crossing the road.

Coming to therapy

How long will this take? How many sessions?

Everybody is different, having different experiences. Those questions are not easily answered until you start attending sessions and we can plan the road ahead and look at how long this may take. You have to start somewhere.

So how can I help you? Why not contact me via email or phone and ask that question?

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