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Information on Fees

Listed below are the fees that I charge to cover all expenses in providing my service to you. Online fees are less since my travel has been removed.

  • Zoom 50 minute session for Individuals £55
  • Assessment session 50 minutes reduced rate £55
  • Couples Assessment sessions 50 minutes reduced rate £65
  • Individual 50 minute session (face to face) £65
  • Couple Session £85
  • Student 50-minute session £ 55
  • Couples Zoom, Signal, session 1 hour Individual £75

Advanced Payment

I request 48 hours advanced payment for face to face room sessions, normally by electronic bank transfer. This covers room bookings, time, travel, casework before and after the session.

Outside session paid in advance of travel to the location

Online sessions are paid for in advance of the session.

Fee insights

Therapy is expensive but I think it’s important that you know how your money works for you.  I have listed some of the costs in delivering a psychological service.

  • Membership to BACP which ensures the qualified practice
  • Professional registration
  • Research time and resources
  • Meeting professional body requirements
  • Supervision by a senior accredited therapist
  • Counselling rooms
  • Travel  between practices, location therapy, and office
  • Online management of resources
UK Registered Therapist
UK Registered Therapist

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