Therapy can be a positive investment in you

Positive investment in yourself

Coming to therapy is a positive investment in you.  It does not stop there, others will see that change in you and others will benefit too.  Consider this, we buy into many things these days, image, fitness, diets and material acquisitions.  We seldom stop to think about making the investment in our own mental wellbeing.  I am not talking about when you need to fix a stressful state or when relationships are not going right.  No, I’m talking about when you are on top and you know it can get better!  If you’re not on top? Well, then this becomes an even better investment!  Contact me


The world is changing fast

The pace of life has changed, social media and all the different ways of communicating have increased the pressure on people.  The attention is divided across so many platforms, we are seldom far from our mobiles and emails these days.  Maybe that holiday each year is enough for you, maybe the odd respite here and there, Easter, Summer break, Christmas.  Why not add to that?


Making room for you

You don’t have to wait until problems build up, you can make a space for you on a regular basis in private therapy.  A place where you can talk about anything you want to, your private confidential space.  Taking time out for you.   A positive move that people often don’t consider until they are experiencing problems.   Sessions can be booked in blocks of 10 sessions at reduced rates making a considerable saving.


Some facts

A vast amount of work time is lost to Stress, Depression, and Anxiety, the government knows this, hence they have tried to invest more money in mental health.  Not everybody gets seen by a therapist, often they are treated with prescription drugs (cost effective).  Companies have been shown to benefit by providing therapy options for employees.

Mental health problems will affect a high percentage of people at least once during their lifetime.

‘One adult in six had a common mental disorder (CMD): about one woman in five, and one man in eight’ ~  Adult Mental Health Survey



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