Skype / Zoom Therapy

Helping you online

When there are limited opportunities to see me, I have several different options. Some of which are, Skype, Zoom, Whats App, and Signal. 

You can arrange a Skype/Zoom Therapy appointment with me using my contact page.

Pros and Cons

Lets look at some of the advantages first.

  • Get seen and heard fast, often the same day
  • Online assessment forms delivered securely before the session
  • Research shows that people are less inhibited online in what they need to say.
  • Leading psychological experts have acknowledged that online therapy is effective.
  • Online therapy contract can be given before the session

Now, let’s look at some of the problems, most of these are only problems if they are not managed correctly.

  • I can not be responsible for confidentiality at your end.
  • Networks disconnection problems, low battery, and equipment failure.
  • Other people accessing your devices.
  • Being in a safe place to take the call.
  • Who owns the data on the platform being used.
  • Technology changes regularly

About the online therapist

I am not new to online environments and communication. I was speaking with people online in 1999, seems ages ago now. My past was heavily involved with computers and programs.

I went on to study psychology and was introduced to online working concepts at University. Some of my earliest university work involved studying the ethics of using online virtual environments in psychology.

Following that I was introduced to the delivery of therapy online during university studies. I was involved in 3D and text-based communication for 10 years, pretty much every day.

My online experiences are, without a doubt, one of the reasons I took interest in people who experience video game behavioural problems, social media compulsive use, and online identity issues.


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