Need help but uncertain what to do

Asking for professional help

Getting and asking for help can be so difficult, especially if you are feeling anxious, uncertain or run down.  In these moments we become lost, feel confused and panicked.  We know we should do something, we have put it off time and time again.  All these feelings are natural, you are not alone in this.  We ask the questions, who do I see? Can I do this?  Can they really assist me?  It feels so difficult to do this, against what we are conditioned to be, independent and not reliant on others.  But it’s ok to ask for a little help sometimes, many people do ask, and do benefit.  Therapy came into being because of human psychological suffering and need.  Check me out and either phone or use the onsite email to contact me.


Help is here

I have helped many people using the up to date researched methods of emotion-focused therapy, individuals and couples have benefitted.  People have said after the first session, ‘That helped me, just coming to that first session, changed how I feel’.  If you have never been to therapy before it can feel daunting and takes a bold step at a difficult time.  It’s natural to feel anxious about this step.  All I can tell you is this, research shows that some therapy is better than no therapy at all.  Professor Mick Coopers book illustrates the research finding.


Making the call for help

I see this level of psychological suffering on a daily basis, it can be so debilitating.  You don’t need to suffer and I do realise how hard it can be to pick up the phone or write an email asking for help.  There’s a feeling of failure, of being hopeless.  Yet it is a fundamental requirement amongst human beings to make contact with supportive others, people who can offer comfort, help, and assistance. Contact me now using either the confidential online form or phone me



So I am here to tell you, there is hope, I believe I can help you.  I have helped many already.  Emotion-focused therapy (EFT) is cutting edge, emotions are the one thing that is common to us all.  The therapy is designed around research outcomes that are positive.  In fact how you feel right now is exactly why you read this article.

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