Investment in mental health increases profits

Investment in employees wellbeing increases productivity

Recent research continues to show that businesses will continue to be hit by psychological health issues unless investment follows.  The government now realise the impact this will have on the economy.  Hence recent government campaigns to increase mental health awareness.   The earliest warnings came from the London School of Economics in the 2006 depression report.  More recently, May 2016, The Lancet: Psychiatry published a paper highlighting the return of investment for mental health solutions.  They looked at what would be required to scale up treatment across 36 countries between 2016-2030 and what the returns on investment would be for businesses.


Impact on business

In the UK, the government released figures collected in a periodical survey highlighting risk groups.  One adult in six had a common mental health disorder.  Let me say that again, 1 in 6. How many employees do you have?  What does 1 in 6 mean to you? Will that hit your bottom line?  Can you visualize becoming proactive in this problem?


Who can your employees talk to?

It is my belief that many businesses are unaware of the scale of the problem.   If you have employees out of work due to stress, anxiety or depression, how does this affect your business? Are you really aware of why an employee has not turned up for work?  Since the reasons can be sensitive, people are reluctant to talk to their employer about their problems.  Having these problems can impact on career opportunities and how other staff members view them.  I’m sure many businesses do their best in handling such problems, but they can only handle what they are aware of.  If a business offers contact to a private confidential service, the situation can change.  I know these problems exist because I work with them daily.


Local private mental health professionals

A private service external to your company will help.  I would like you to think about this idea.  An employee comes to therapy once a week and he or she continues to come to work.  You lose a little initially, the cost of therapy and the time for an employee to attend.  Think about how your business gains long term, and in more than one way.  Employee wellbeing, increased productivity, a better integration within work teams and less absenteeism.  I offer concessionary rates for companies seeking to use my services, you can email me or contact me by phone.

Lastly, you may think that people can get the help they need from local NHS services, in some cases this is true.  Unfortunately, the NHS has limitations on psychological services in many areas.  If you are lucky enough to be offered psychological help, this will be time-limited and often people are referred into a long queue.

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