Getting help with infidelity issues

Infidelity is one of the most common relationship crisis problems presented in couples therapy. It is also one of the most challenging issues to deal with. Right now you may not be able to make much sense of what has just happened to your relationship.

Your thinking may be disorganized by the ‘negative traumatic experience’. The impact can vary depending on your beliefs about relationships and ways of being.

Lastly, at this point I want to be clear, nobody else is responsible for the decisions your partner made.

I frequently work with these issues. Getting help now can prevent further damage to the relationship. Contact

Negative Trauma

You may have experienced what is termed a ‘negative trauma’. As a result, you may be experiencing flashbacks. Additionally, you may be flooded with questions to which you have no answer. Furthermore, your thinking may be affected by a flood of stress-related hormones.

Therapy can help you, I offer a clinical research-based structured approach to dealing with such issues. Therapy can help a couple manage mood change, behaviour change, anger, confusion and feelings of loss. All of these experiences can be associated with infidelity and loss of safety.

Trauma can occur when a partner becomes involved in a physical and or emotional relationship with another person. Research posits that the trauma occurs because of the participating partner’s actions that do not include the thought of the other person during the behaviour. To be held in another person’s mind is a psychological aspect of your relationship.

Different experiences

It is likely that you and your partner are both going through problematic experiences right now. They will be different and they will most likely be stressful. Therapy is for both of you and your relationship.

Understanding what has happened to the relationship is part of moving forward, together or apart. I want to make another point clear here, ‘understanding is not justification’.

How you move forward will be largely dependent on the work you do towards making sense of what has happened and how best to manage this in the future.


One book I recommend to couples is linked below. The book is based on years of therapy research in helping couples with this difficult problem and is a valuable resource in supporting you during couples therapy sessions. Getting Past The Affair


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