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Books that may help couples in therapy

Books, audiobooks and Kindle books can help couples tremendously.  I often recommend books that link into the way I work with couples.  The type of therapy I use is emotionally focused couples therapy, this is a very successful type of therapy based on research evidence and a method that relates to attachment styles.  The therapy claims high success rates compared to other types of couples therapy. I focus on the particular attachment styles and how couples relate to each other at an emotional level.  Conflicts can be easily resolved when a couple realise that they are caught up in negative cycles linked to individual attachment styles.  I can help you become securely attached to your partner so that you are able to work through your problems in a different way.  Below I will list three books that can be of help, depending on the particular difficulty a couple faces.


This book is generally helpful to all couples and singles looking for a loving connection in relationships.  I found that the book is a very readable commentary on attachment styles and how these effect peoples relationships.  The authors explain what happens when different attachment styles interact.

Hold Me Tight

This commentary explains how couples can work through their problems using emotionally focus couples therapy methods. The book also gives information about how research into attachment styles led to the breakthrough in couples therapy.

Getting Past The Affair

This book provides essential help and strategies for helping couples working through issues of infidelity. The book both explains and recognises the trauma involved in this devastating situation.  The book gives clear help for either partner.


Reading or listening to audiobooks is purely optional whilst in therapy.  I have listed these books since I am often asked by couples if there is anything else they can do between therapy sessions.  Using these books can reduce cost by intensifying your therapy.  All the above books are based on years and years of psychological research data.

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