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Couples Therapy – Does help the majority of couples

I use Emotionally Focused Couples therapy methods (EFT, not to be confused with tapping). This type of therapy is based on research evidence coming from clinical trials.  Looking at current research, it can be seen that 90% of couples benefit from this type of therapy.  

If you have tried ‘Relate’ and that did not work for you, then maybe you would benefit from trying my service.

You may be hurting right now but EFT couples therapy can help you.  I will work with you in a nonjudgmental manner that will help you to create a more secure and meaningful relationship bond.  You can have an appointment with me in either of my practices, Sudbury or Colchester or Frinton.  Contact me by email or phone.

Attachment injuries

Emotionally focused couples therapy addresses your pattern of relating.  Psychology research informs this way of working.  In the early years of life, we develop ways of relating to our caregivers, these patterns become coded into our nervous system and are triggered when we feel vulnerable.  You may be unaware that this is happening when you run into problems within your relationship.  Emotion focused therapy helps you see the patterns that are causing some of the problems.  If you are interested in learning more about attachment, here are some links to therapists in the states talking on the topic. Dan Siegal

How does it work?

I will work to help you move forward and away from destructive ways of relating.  Couples get caught in negative behaviour cycles.  You may have noticed that you revisit the same issues over and over again.  We can work together so that you can have a different conversation where you can express what you are feeling and begin to establish a secure relationship.  I work towards de-escalating disagreements so that the therapy environment is safe for you both.   Anger is often present when things go wrong but the reality is that anger masks the primary adaptive emotions such as shame, guilt, fear, and sadness.

 So how does EFT help?  

In short, EFT helps couples get back to a pattern of relating that is both loving and bonding. My methods initiate reconnecting through understanding your primary adaptive emotions.  This initiates the language of love.  EFT is built on theories of family systemic patterns, person-centred attunement, and attachment.

Structured approach

I will work with you in a very structured manner.  This ensures that we work through the problems in a manner that will help you, the methods are not random they have been tested and researched.  Initially, we will work together to run through the patterns that are problematic.  I also carry out a lot of research work outside of the therapy session in order ensure that I am working towards helping your relationship.  I am committed to helping you.

Supporting research evidence http://www.iceeft.com/images/PDFs/EFTResearch.pdf

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